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Verdo Wood Pellets

Verdo Wood Pellets
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Verdo Horse Bedding is a wood pellet product, manufactured in the UK, that’s really simple to use. Because it’s so absorbent, any wet and soiled bedding remains compact and manageable, making mucking out much easier and reducing the amount of bedding you require. That means less hard work, less expense – and more time for the jobs you enjoy.

And because our wood pellets are made from 100% FSC®-approved virgin softwood from well managed sources, Verdo Horse Bedding is also friendly to the environment. It’s an all-natural product that’s hygienically clean and contains less than 1% dust, with a pleasant pine scent that makes caring for horses a breath of fresh air.




Lay the bags down on the stable floor. A 12ft x 12ft stable with rubber matting will require approximately 6-10 bags of Verdo Horse Bedding. Add a further two bags if you require banks

Step one

Carefully cut open all the bags and fold back the plastic as shown. To 'activate' the pellets, each bag will require 5-7 litres of water — approximately half a standard bucket. Slowly pour the water into the bag opening and leave the pellets to swell.

Step two

Within 15-20 minutes, the pellets will have absorbed all the water and expanded to around three times their original size. Shown here is a bag before and after water has been added: notice how 'activated' bedding has swollen in size.

Step three

Empty the bedding out onto the stable floor. The pellets will have transformed into a soft, fluffy but dense bed, and there should be some pellets that have not broken down.

Step four

With a fork, spread the bedding out evenly into the desired area and make up any banks.

Mucking out

Remove solids and completely saturated patches daily. Verdo Horse Bedding separates from manure and remains in the stable, so less bedding is wasted and you will notice that your muck heap will be greatly reduced.



One to two bags of Verdo Horse Bedding per week will be a sufficient quantity to replenish lost bedding. Activate the bag(s) in the usual way or in a wheelbarrow. If your horse is particularly wet, you can always add unactivated pellets to the bed.

If you have a particularly clean horse, or during periods of dry weather, we recommend dampening your bed down with a fine spray of water to avoid it drying out. This will then ensure that your horse’s bed keeps the same consistency and moisture content all year round.

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Verdo Wood Pellets
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